The Randolph Group, LLC

About Us

We build companies with enduring intellectual property, tangible products, and growth.

Established in 1988, we are a private family holding company operating U.S. headquartered companies.

We build and hold businesses for the long-term. The Randolph Group creates a partnership with management using a long-term approach to growth. We provide significant capital for prudent growth and we augment and assist our group companies as needed.

The Randolph Group team has worked together for many years and brings extensive expertise to building strong businesses with enduring values. We augment our business growth with strategic acquisitions. We have completed 6 add-on acquisitions in the past 3 years.

Who We Are Not

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  • We are not a private equity firm or fund.

    Unlike private equity entities that typically have a defined investment horizon and seek to maximize returns within a certain timeframe, often through major cost cuts and heavy leverage, we are committed to long-term ownership and operation of well-capitalized businesses.

  • We are not โ€œflippers.โ€

    Our focus is not on short-term gains or quick turnarounds. Instead, we are dedicated to building enduring businesses and maintaining ownership over the long haul.

  • We are not financial engineers.

    Our approach emphasizes sustainable growth, revenue expansion, and profitability without relying heavily on debt, and recapitalizations.

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